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Canoe/Kayak Race

On Sunday, July 29th, the Island Falls Lakes Association (IFLA) sponsored their 15th Annual Around-the-Pond Canoe/Kayak Races at Birch Point Lodge and Campgrounds on Pleasant Lake in Island Falls.  Each year the paddlers raise money for the Southern Aroostook Community High School’s Dollars for Scholars program. The IFLA will award $250 in Scholarships each year.  The IFLA would like to thank all the paddlers who came out on that beautiful afternoon as well as its members who donated their time for the event.  We would also like to thank Elaine Small and her Dollars for Scholars volunteers for providing grilled hotdogs and treats for all the paddlers and workers.

2018 Canoe & Kayak Race Times

(Boat number in parentheses)


Child (9 and Under):

1st Place          Robert Malone (4)                 4:30

2nd Place          Grace Eastman (11)                5:51

3rd Place          Abigail Farnsworth (14)          7:04

4th Place         Tyler Peter (3)                     9:28


Male Junior Kayak (Age 10-14):

1st Place           Matt Smith (15)                   20:02

2nd Place          James Nicholson (8)             20:50

3rd Place           Nathan Ashey (17)                21:20


Female Junior Kayak (Ages 10-14):

1st Place           Kadence Peter (2)                24:52  


Female Kayak (Under 40):

1st Place           Kara Pettyjohn (12)                18:02

2nd Place          Victoria Lenentine (9) 18:36

3rd Place           Lynn Pettyjohn (13)              18:54

4th Place           Heather Boyer (1)                20:28


Female Kayak (Over 40):

1st Place           Kellie James (5)                    19:45

2nd Place          Debra Dwyer (6)                   19:58


Male Kayak (Under 40):

1st Place           Spencer Graham (21)              16:50

2nd Place           Justin Lenentine (7)               18:02


Male Kayak (Over 40):

1st Place           Tom Burgos (16)                    19:05

2nd Place          Dave Eastman (10)                 19:20


Tandem Kayak

1st Place           Bob and Aimee                     18:16

                        Guerette (18)  


Junior/Senior Canoe

1st Place           Bill Phipps &                           23:54      

                        Olivia Phipps (19)

2nd Place             Charley Phipps &                23:59

                        Lily Phipps (20)