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About Us

The IFLakes Association is a non-profit group from the surrounding community of Pleasant Pond and Mattawamkeag Lake.  We collaborate with local, county, and state organizations to further our efforts to protect

the water quality and natural resources of these lakes.

Protect the Lakes

Each one of us can do our small part to protect the lakes, keep it clean, and foster a healthy environment for our wildlife.  Be a part of the Island Falls Lakes Association to learn more about how to become great stewards of Pleasant and Mattawamkeag Lakes.

Join Us

Your involvement and generous contributions help our community in many ways. We foster education and appreciation of our amazing natural resourses.  We provide college scholarships to local students.  We also provide helpful information about our lakes and sponsor fun events throughout the year.

Did You Know?

In 1878, Teddy Roosevelt visited Island Falls and met William Sewall.  Bill, who was an avid hunter and woodsman, took young Teddy on many outdoor adventures on and around the Mattawamkeag Lakes.  Teddy formed a lasting kinship with Mr. Sewall and with the surrounding lakes area.  This inspired our 26th president to become the nation's "Conservationalist President".

Paddle on Mattawamkeag

Mission Statement

“The Island Falls Lakes Association is a non-profit organization established to protect the ecosystems of Mattawamkeag and Pleasant Lakes as well as their watersheds by promoting an appreciation of natural resources and responsible preservation, conservation, stewardship, development, and public policy.”

Aug 1, 2021

July 31, 2021

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